Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So... I'm not the best at this.

Apparently it is very time consuming to blog. Hence, the reason I don't post often. Forgive me?

I have decided that I am going to blog instead of watching the season finale of Pretty Little Liars. I am an addict. Tyler is too. He is sleeping though so I guess I am going to need to wait so he can watch it with me.


I love reading other peoples blog but don't know what to say on my own.

I picked up running. My sweet friend, Mandy, has pressured me into running the Salt Lake Half Marathon with her. I started training for it the beginning of February and the half is April 16th. I am already so nervous about it. My toes are covered in blisters and I feel old. My body aches. Knees and hips especially. Glucosamine has become a lifesaver. Tyler will be in Dallas on the day of the race, he is going to see Kenny Chesney. I'm a little irritated he won't be there to cheer me on and since he won't I told him to get me a new running outfit instead. Good deal, right? I think it seems fair.

Done with this post, maybe I'll be back in a month :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Birthday GIRL!

My little bear is now one year old! She is getting so big, I'm pretty sure she will be walking in the next month. She climbs up the stairs. Crawls everywhere. Eats anything I give her. And most importantly she keeps me sane. That little girl! 

I will be posting some pics from the birthday soon. 


Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Lots has changed since my last post. Our biggest change has been moving in with Tyler's grandma, Aso. She has been diagnosed with alzheimer's so we were asked if we could live with her for the next few months to see if it helps out and to keep her company. In the short three weeks that we have lived here I have had many amusing stories to tell other people. I have also listened to her tell a lot of the same storied over and over.  One thing that Ty pointed out is that beautiful thing about this disease is that she does not know that she has it.

Today was interesting. I left work early with a terrible migraine and back pains and headed over to my moms (WORLDS BEST CARE TAKER). Napped for a while, snacked on some food and then came home. Aso and Ty were out in the yard working so I headed in. I noticed a pot and pan on the stove, the thought crossed my mind that she cleaned them and forgot where they were supposed to go. Seems logical, right? After moseying around for a few minutes I decided to get the kitchen picked up. I removed the lids and noticed FOOD! She had made 6 chicken breast and a large pot of mashed potatoes. Not knowing how long these things have been sitting there they were summoned to the trash.

On with MY night. Work was busy today so I had to get online and work for a few hours. I had a craving for something sweet and remember I had purchased a bag of Pillsbury Sweet Moments. Wonderful, I though. I will have a few of those to satisfy my craving. Made my way to the fridge and the bag is M.I.A.! Who could have ate my scrumptious treats? Tyler? No, he doesn't have much of a sweet tooth. Never could it be Sloan at this age. It was Aso. My Caramel Sweet Moments were gone! So I made my way to Top It. Tuesday is double stamp day so it made it that much more logical to go there.

Before I eat my delicious pumpkin flavored frozen yogurt I have decided to make a few Pillsbury Savorings Cheese and Spinach. (Yes, I love Pillsbury products.) Set the over to 425'. 15 minutes later the oven had met its capacity. There is smoke. More than normal out of the dirty stove that I do not know how to clean. Open it up and what do you know?!?! There are 2 chicken pot pies burnt to a crisp.

More to come...